Living Longer
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By the year 2031: A quarter of the population will be over 65 The number of people over 85 will double. 1.7 million more people will have care needs. Across BBC Local Radio we have been looking at the impact of Living Longer in your local area. We want to know how you feel about growing older. Do you worry about your finances and how you are going to maintain your current lifestyle? Are you anxious about your health and who will look after you in your later years? Are you concerned about a changing society - new technology, different outlooks on life between the young and the old? Or are you looking forward to the new opportunities old age will bring?

Q1: How do you feel about growing older?
My overriding feeling is one of optimism about the opportunities old age will offer me
Upmost in my mind is how my finances will work out. Will I be able to afford to live the way I want to?
My principle concern is my health in old age and the associated issues of independence and care
The thing most on my mind is how to keep up with a changing society
I'm concerned that ageing parents with increasing care needs will have an impact on me
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