Terms and Conditions

By using the Survey Mapper website (the “Website”, “Survey Mapper”), you (“You”, the “User”) accept the terms and conditions (the “Terms of Use”). You may not use the Survey Mapper website if you do not agree to the terms and conditions.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1.1 Your use of the Survey Mapper website (the “Website”, “Survey Mapper”) and the services (“Services”) provided by Survey Mapper is subject to the Terms and Conditions (“The Terms”) set out in this agreement. This site is operated by the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (“we”) at University College London as part of the National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation project funded by JISC.

1.2 The Terms apply to all users of the Website and to all Services provided by the Website.

2. General Use

2.1 Survey Mapper is part of an academic research project and may be accessed and used for non-commercial purposes only.

2.2 All Content on this site is the personal opinion of the original author. “Content” includes surveys, their questions and responses, and comments to surveys posted by users of the site.

2.3 All Content on the site is the property of Survey Mapper. Material published on the website is copyright UCL and may not be reproduced without permission.

2.4 We reserve the right to modify or discontinue some or all of the Services at any time, with or without notice. We are not liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuation of any features of the website and we cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to errors or technical errors on the website.

2.5 Survey Mapper takes all reasonable care to ensure that the Content published within this website is accurate and up to date. Survey Mapper takes no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any of these pages, and such information does not form any basis of a contract with readers or users of it.

2.6 Survey Mapper reserves the right to remove immediately and without prior notification, any Content uploaded to the site that is deemed to be offensive. In the case of a complaint about offensive Content published on the site, we will investigate the complaint at the first practical opportunity as defined by local working practices and time zone.

3. Changes to the Terms

3.1 Survey Mapper reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of these Terms of Use at any time. This page will always contain the current Terms of Use, which will supersede all other versions.

4. Restrictions

4.1 Where use of the Survey Mapper website is deemed to be excessive, for example where large numbers of requests are being made by an individual User or organisation that are impacting on the performance of the website, then we reserve the right to block access to the site and disable the login of the offending User.

4.2 The use of web-scraping software or other robots to mine information is prohibited and will result in the User being blocked.

4.3 Entering false responses to surveys with the express purpose of manipulating their outcome is prohibited.


1. Applicability

This policy covers Survey Mapper’s use of personal information collected when you use www.surveymapper.com or surveymapper.com. Survey Mapper and its users may provide links to third-party websites. Survey Mapper does not control those sites or their privacy practices, which may differ from our own policies, so you should check these first.

2. Collection of Personal Information

Survey Mapper collects, stores and uses your personal information with adequate notice and consent, according to the UK Data Protection Act 1998, for two main purposes: (a) to operate and maintain the website, and (b) for the purposes of academic research. Any personal information you provide to us will never be shared with Third Parties. Survey Mapper may also collect other information from Users when they visit the site, for example browser type, language, access time and address of referring site. This information will be used to improve the Service and will remain anonymous.

3. Accuracy

Survey Mapper endeavours to keep your personal information accurately recorded and you are able to review and change your personal profile at any time.

4. Public and Private Information

We will not display your full name, contact details or email anywhere on the Survey Mapper website, but some information about your profile will be visible to other users. This information includes your username, your date of registration and the surveys that you have created. Any other information you choose to publish in addition to these details are published at your own risk. Please note that any content which has been uploaded, posted or otherwise submitted to the Internet, whether private or public, has the capacity to become and remain part of the public domain, and to be redistributed and viewed by others. Although our Terms of Service strictly prohibit any unauthorised use of public or private Content, Survey Mapper is not liable for any losses or damages incurred as the result of the transgression of such rules.

5. Changes to this Policy

This page will always contain the current version of our Privacy Policy. If we change this policy then we will revise this page and include the date on which the changes were implemented. Significant changes may be posted on the Survey Mapper homepage.